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Who is SickBoy?

SickBoy is an artist engaged in all round creative exploits, all day every day.

Starting out as a painter, sculpture with a degree in ceramics he ventured into graffiti and subversive art. He loves anything and everything but thinks Northern Soul and Techno, Hip Hop is pretty cool. He collects skulls.

He once turned down a Banksy when he was exhibiting in the same exhibition. Banksy wanted to swap a SickBoy sculpture for a Banksy artwork. SickBoy said no.

SickBoy has a mind like a cauliflower, complicated, multi-faceted, and kind of white’ish.

With sketchbooks full of ideas he was looking for a way of displaying his art on the streets. Someone mentioned t-shirts would be cool. I hope you agree they are.

SickBoy artworks are either one-offs or limited editions.

Enjoy buying or just looking it’s up to you.

Tells your friends!

Be sick.